Our wines

Planted on siliceous earths between the Cher and Indre, our vineyard of Châteaumeillant AOC covers an area of 12 hectares, produces red and white wines and a famous grey wine, glory of local Berrichon.

Our grape varieties

The characteristics of the region Val de Loire, the Berry of groves, made our vineyards an exceptional product. The main grape varieties of Châteaumeillant are Black Gamay, Sauvignon and Black Pinot white juice.

Our red

Marvelous combination of Black Gamay and Black Pinot white juice. His sparkle of ruby red color with his blackberries and dried fruits aromas will dazzle your table and showcase your dishes.

Tip : It accompanies you from the starter to dessert. Perfect with game but also chacuteries and white meat in sauce.
Serve ideally at 16°.

Our rosée

Called «Vin gris» is a marvel of taste and makes our product the wealth of our land. Sweet flavor of vines peaches aromas and dress with shimmering colors will delight your guests.

Tip : Our gray is perfect to start with an aperitif, to accompany your grilled meats and desserts.
Serve ideally fresh between 5° and 8°.

Our white

Produces from Sauvignon grape variety with winter sun dress sparkle. His harmonious flowery aromas with hazelnut notes is a pleasant sweetness will envelop delicately the palate for all to enjoy.

Tip : We suggest you to enjoy it like an aperitif. Better, it will perfectly add value to your crustaceans and fish dishes.
Ideally serve well chilled to 6 °.